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Yuliya Sytenko
Business administrator
Property details

Spacious office space in Gandia, municipality of Valencia. The office is made in a modern style and will appeal to both employees and visitors. All cabinets are repaired and ready for use. Office building with an area of 315 square meters consists of spacious and comfortable rooms and recreation areas for employees. The location of the building in a fairly quiet and peaceful area of Saafor will allow to establish effective work. Near the building there is all the necessary household infrastructure necessary for a daily stay. Gandia is an integral part of the province of Valencia, located in Spain. The municipality occupies only 60.8 square km., but relatively densely populated

Sights with ancient history and extraordinary architecture are concentrated in a small area. Getting to the municipality from Valencia can be quite simple: first use the subway (line 3), then transfer to the train and get to the desired station.

Object ID:000372
House area:315 m²
Valencia is the third largest metropolis in Spain. It is a large port city.
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